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Frequently asked questions:


How long is a session?

An average family session takes about 60 minutes and will include up to 10 edited images.

Mini-sessions are 15-30 minutes and includes 3-5 edited images.

Newborn sessions tend to run about 2 hours because of feedings and other newborn needs.


How much does it cost?

Your photo session investment:

$50-75 for a 15-30 minutes mini-session includes 3-5 edited images

$150 one hour session couples & engagement sessions includes up to 10 edited images

$150  one hour Family Session for one family includes up to 10 edited images

$180 one hour session for Large Family or Group up to 8 people includes up to 15 edited images

$220 for extended or Large Family or Group over greater than 8 people  includes up to 15 edited images


$200 Newborn Specialty Session with multiple props and backdrops taken in my home photo studio includes up to 10 edited images

(newborns 4-10 days old, 1-2 hrs session)


$150 one hour Maternity Session:  includes up to 10 edited images. Mini-sessions are available ($75 for a 15-30 minutes mini-session includes up to 5 edited images)


Please note prices do not reflect any print products


How long does it take to get our pictures to us after the session?

The photos are ready with in 14 days.


How can I get my photos?

You'll get a link to a folder with your photos in my Google Drive.


Where do I take the pictures?

New Jersey

I can offer ideas or you can tell me a place you have in mind.

For beach locations there is an addition $30 fee.

For locations located more than 25 miles from my location (Edison, NJ) there is an addition $30 fee.


What if it rains….or we get sick…or you get sick?
Please call as soon as you can for illnesses and I will for weather related cancellations then we will reschedule for the next possible day.


When do you schedule sessions?

Sessions are schedules Monday-Friday mornings 10AM-2 PM and 6-8 PM. Saturday and Sundays 10 AM- 8 PM.


What should we wear?

I love to see the personality of the kids or family come out in the photos so wearing whatever your style is really the best. You want your pictures to reflect as much YOU as possible.

For thematic photo sessions for girls (angel, princess and the like) I can offer outfits. You need to specify the size of clothes and the age of the girl in order to I could check if I have an outfit for her.


Do you take pictures indoors?
Yes, I do, but most of my sessions take place outdoors in natural light…early morning or dusk is the ideal time.
Newborns and babies/toddlers sessions can be done at my place.


How do I contact you?
I can be reach through Facebook, email

my website ,

or cell phone: 347 244 4981


  How to Prepare for Your Portrait Session

Ready to capture moments that will last a lifetime? Here are some tips to help you prepare for your photo shoot.

Make an Appointment

  • Appointments are highly recommended.

  • Limited appointments are available.

  • Hurry, call for an appointment today!


Plan Your Time

  • Arrive promptly for your appointment time.

  • Most sessions take about one hour.


Dress for Your Portrait Session

  • Come dressed in your favorite outfit, ready for photography.

  • Keep the attire simple, but coordinate colors for groups.

  • Solid colors are best, try to avoid large, bold patterns.

  • Bring an outfit change(s) to add variety to your sitting.


Bring Your Family

  • There are never any sitting fees or additional charges.

  • Everyone in the family should plan to be in the session.


Thank you,

Zoya Shaikouskaya

Tel: 347-244-4981

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