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About Me

     My whole life, I was fascinated by the beauty of the surrounding world. Nature, architecture, wildlife... It inspired me to take the camera in my hand. But my real passion for photography started with the birth of my children. Their first smiles, first teeth, how they grow and develop... I wanted to capture all of it.

      Over time, I realized that photography was not just a tool for me to preserve the happy moments of my family. I realized that I wanted photography to become my profession, so I started to learn all the basics of the profession. I studied on my own, and later finished Michigan State University's photography courses.

     I greatly enjoy the fact that I help people capture the happy moments of their lives. The love and joy that comes from them literally fills me with positive emotions. My work makes me happier every day, and I hope that my photographs make you smile as you immerse in a bright world full of light and vivid colors.

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